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Sitecore 9 Performance Tuning

The performance is the key to any product irrespective of software product or a hardware product and it’s also played a major role in the success and acceptance of the product.
In web-based application’s performance is the most talked about non-functional requirement (NFR) item and before starting of the project everyone will talk about performance performance….
Now a days most of the Sitecore based websites are rich in user experience and everyone wanted the site response very fast without knowing what’s the complexity in the backend in orchestrating the required data in user understandable format. In this scenario, from starting of the project we need to take care about data flow between different system and only required data needs to be shared/flow between systems.

Once the actual development will start and obviously with STRICT deadlines (Universal Truth 😊) then no one will take care about performance and everyone just busy in accomplishing the deadlines.
After completion of development once business user’s start accessing the site and we started getting the complains about the Sitecore website (content management and content delivery performance performance….).

In the upcoming series of performance related blog post, I will try to explain my experience to troubleshoot the performance bottleneck and what are the articles/steps I followed and hoping that will be helpful for our Sitecore Community (#SitecoreCommunity) 😊.

We can divide the performance tuning or optimization process into two parts:

Front-end performance tuning points:
Please find below some of the front-end related items, which can be taken care to improve the performance:

Sitecore performance tuning points:
After performance optimization of Front-end related items, we have to look into Sitecore related items for performance tuning:

In the upcoming blog posts, I will try to explain the settings which I followed to improve the Sitecore 9 site performance.

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