Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jhoom Bara..... bar Jhoom

First of all i will tell u that i m hindi movie freek. Its doesnt matter for me what is the
star cast of the movie but important thing is that movie entertain me.Anyway lets talk about the Jhoom brabar Jhoom(JBJ) the super hit movie of the year :).

The movie start with the Big B singing on the street like anyone doing the brand promotion of the product(JBJ). JBJ is not the typical indian movie which contain some filmi masala like drama, violence, Maa ka payar, some bad characters like Gabbar which want Actress , its just a music video which contain songs in which models doing some desi latka jhata by showing chicken leg:). You know that Shaad Ali started his carrier with Saathiya, where he did the great job, its a reamke of Mani Ratnam’s Alaipaayuthey, after that he direct Bunty Aur Babli, in this movie he present the both Abhi n Rani as a middle class which which have big dreams in their eyes n at the end of movie they full fill their dreams , but the presentaion(including all filmi masala like item song of Aish Bhabhi:)) was good.Now come to the point of JBJ, in the first half(slow and boring) of the movie director give the French touch,
which indian viewers unable to understand but overseas people like this these type of things.

In this moive Shaad Ali take some part of story from Choclate, don't remember, please press "Ctrl + F" and recall data from your memory................................. Ok.. cool...............
In the choclate movie Two luckless Indians [Irrfan Khan, Tanushree Dutta(Bong Beauty)] find themselves hauled by the London police.
Eminent lawyer Krish [Anil Kapoor] steps in at this juncture and decides to put up a
legal fight to safeguard the rights of the Indians. He tries to peel off layer after layer,not realizing that the truth is something else. He realizes it only towards the end, butit’s too late by then. In this movie Irfan make the story by seeing the Magazine in which Anil Kapoor awarded, on the basis of this story Shaad Ali make complete movie n he open the cards at the end of the movie by Big B.Now proceeds to female actor, in this movie Preeti zinta looks stunning, she looks like a barbie girl n shows her legs n cleavage(not more). With the help of these two (Preeti n lara) female actors, there is no need of item girl, because Lara n Preeti done the great job in dancing with hip-hop n European look.

Big B : These days media is comparing Big B with Rajni Da, its impossible dear, because Big
B done nothing(not a single dialog) in this movie, so why we comparing movies of these two actors(JBJ and Shivaji). Now a days Big B only concentrate on making money because at present Big B in the position where every director want to take in their movie, so the movie will become hit before release.

Yash Raj: Ha...Ha..., In this year Yash Raj announce that they will produce 12 movies, at present 2 movies(TA RA RAM PAM and JBJ) already relased and both become flop at box office.

Like the song of this movie stay away from Kiss of love..., i also suggest u to the stay away
from this movie.


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