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Add Technorati tags in blog posts

How to Add Technorati Tags to a Blog:

Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs. You can increase your blog traffic by adding Technorati tags at the end of your blog posts. This will put your post into the list of posts searchers find on Technorati when searching for the tags you used. Everyday, thousands of visitor search for information through it.

If your blog is registered in Technorati, a bigger chance it will be seen by visitors.
This can increase your SEO Blog rank.
To register in Technorati, follow below simple steps:

1. Sign In on Technorati, if not register, please Join on Technorati, follow below simple steps:

2. Click your account (your userID), it's near signout link.
3. Click Claimed Blogs tab.
4. Click Claim a new blog link below.
5. Enter your Blog URL then click Begin Claim Button.

Now, your blog is registered in technorati.

In the next step, i will discuss about how to add technorati tag on every posting.

1. Login to BLOGGER, go to: "Settings > Template > Edit HTML"
2. Click on 'Expand Widget Templates'
3. Search for class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-2'
4. After below mention code:

5. Now add following code:

6. Now, your every blog post display Technorati tags as belw:



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