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Apply Custom CSS Styles to Sitecore Rich Text Editor

The Sitecore Content Management System (CMS) is a simple and centralized content management system to manage the content. It provides a single source of truth for Content delivery because you can create content once and reuse across multiple channels.  The Sitecore CMS also provides flexibility to the content creation team so that they can create content for target audiences to engage them. Recently I had a discussion with Content Authoring Team and UX Team, and they raised the concern that it’s very difficult to verify the look & feel of styling provided by UX Team while creating the content. I thought of having the Content Preview instance and had discussion with the team, and due to time/budget need to drop the idea, so I suggested to add the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to the Sitecore Rich Text Editor to provide matching style as per the HTML mock-up for components. Regar

Capture Sitecore xConnect data at runtime

The Sitecore Experience Platform is an all-in-one solution for web applicant tracking with GDPR compliance capability .  The Sitecore enables you to track the user’s activities in different ways via Sitecore xConnect service layer . This micro service API end point available between the Sitecore xDB Collection database and Sitecore xDB index , and only trusted client or device can access Sitecore xConnect API endpoint. No other system has direct access to the xDB Collection database or the xDB index   When any visitor accessing your website then request will go to Sitecore Content Delivery Server to return the request, and Sitecore CD server internally interacting with Sitecore xConnect Service layer to track/return personalized content for requested users. In order to capture the every foot print of a user, a Sitecore based website implementation generally captures user’s event as per Track events in JSS apps using the Tracking API (

Mind the order of instructions in a Dockerfile for Sitecore Containers

The Sitecore provides flexibility and different deployment for Sitecore development, and one of the modern ways is Docker Container based Sitecore development and deployment to Kubernetes. Sitecore provides full support for deploying solutions in a containerized environment of your choice and knowledge articles. There are some cases which are project specific and may not be covered in Sitecore Official Documentations, and in this blog, I will be sharing one of the use case. Problem Statement: In Sitecore Experience Platform, there are flavours which can be utilized by individuals to deploy the application as per their need like Sitecore XP Single/Sitecore XP Scaled/Sitecore XM Scaled , and according to these topologies sometime you have to deploy files into Specific Sitecore Roles .                                                                       Credit: Sitecore Solution: The deployment of files mostly depends upon the way you have designed/structur