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Sitecore MVP 2021

This year Sitecore awarded 284 MVPs from around the globe who demonstrated exceptional Sitecore community support with numerous virtual engagements and provided vital feedback on Sitecore’s products for further development and improvement. I have been awarded with Sitecore MVP title in the Technology category and it’s 3rd time in a row . I am being honored among only 170 Technology MVPs worldwide.  Sitecore recognizing professionals who deliver outstanding customer experiences through shared expertise on Sitecore’s products, the 2021 MVP program draws from a community of 12,000 certified developers and over 20,000 active participants. Congratulations to all fellow Sitecore MVP's  and Sitecore Community Members, and thanks to Sitecore and Tamas Varga for managing Sitecore MVP title program and recognizing Sitecore Community Contributors based on their involvement in the community, online and offline.  A collection of the 2021 #SitecoreMVP members on twitter @ Sitecore 2021 MVP

Sitecore GraphQL Queries

This article will provide the details about Sitecore GraphQL queries usage and how it will be useful in creating Sitecore projects especially Sitecore JSS projects. The topics covered under this Sitecore GraphQL article are: •    Overview of Sitecore GraphQL (GQL) •    Setup GraphQL (GQL) in Sitecore •    Usage of Sitecore GraphQL (GQL) in Sitecore JSS •    GraphQL (GQL) Queries Usage         o   Get an item by path and show field id and name       o   Return the name and value from all fields       o   Get the values of Treelist or Multilist field type       o   Get the template field details with values of current item       o   Get the field values using Aliases       o   Return a specific field with Alias       o   Get Child Items using GraphQL       o   Get specific Child Items using GraphQL and alias       o   Get multi-level children details       o   Get repeated fields using Fragments       o   Get list of all languages       o   Sitecore GraphQL Search - using Search quer

How to setup Secure Sitecore JSS Site

  Now a days most of the site are secured sites and serving the content over the HTTPS. It will encrypt the content which served from server to user’s and help in maintaining the data integrity. If your website serving mixed content like https content over the https then some browser will block those contents (call to api, images, etc.) and you will get the Mixed Content error in browser console like: In the same way, when you are setting up your Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS) application, we also need to take care that setup of Sitecore JSS Layout service and Sitecore JSS Dictionary Service should be configured over the HTTPS instead of HTTP to avoid the Mixed Content error at later stage. This article will provide the steps to setup the Secure (HTTPS/SSL) Sitecore JSS app instance. The following steps will be involved in setting-up the Secure Sitecore JSS app instance: > Creation of Sitecore JSS App >  Create self-signed certificate > Make self-signed ce