Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Carrier Conscious

First of all Hi 2 all.....
When we are in the school. At that time we are thinking about the college life. And When we are in the College, we are thinking about the Professional life. When we reached at the Professional level, we are thinking about the Big Brand Name, which pay heavy :) to us. With these type of expectation in mind, we work hard in all the level. By chance if we do not have success in any of the above level, we suffer from it whole life(Its true).

When we out from the Professional we search for the brand name, if not selected in the campus :). After one or two month of hard work, by chance we selected in the company. After that we are thinking that we are in the right place. Now, our life goes cool. But after some time when we heard from someone that someone got the job in the Big Brand Name, then we again start thinking that we are in the right place on not (?). When these type of things occured frequently in our life then we are not able to do hard(good) work in the existing company. So, always think about +ve not about -ve/what other person getting...............



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