Monday, September 17, 2007

TRP of News Channels

These days all news channel are in rush to increase the TRP of channel with the help of program like sting operation, late night program related to sex/personal life problem of humans and crime reporter.

Recently one of news channel called Live-India; perform a sting operation where math school teacher Uma Khurana at Sarvodaya Vidyalaya at Turkman Gate forced her school children into prostitution. This sting operation aired by the news channel on August 30th 07. It was doubtful that she gave the drug to girls and after that took the nude picture of them. These pictures were used for the blackmail them and force to put them into prostitution. After this operation government suspended the Uma Khurana from the job and arrested by the police.

After initial investigation of tape submitted by the news channel, police department found that it was the humbug sting operation. Now, police arrested the key girl of this operation called Rashmi Khanna, this girl was showing in the aired video as a student of the Uma. This girl was charged with artificial evidence. The real story said by the police that, this sting operation was done for the personal purpose by undeveloped reporter Prakash Singh.
On the basis of this statement, crime branch release the Uma Khurana.

During this dilemma, no one will be thinking about the social/personal life of Uma Khurana. The media was busy in increasing the TRP of their channels.

For this we need strict law in I&B ministry, for protecting the social/personal life of human being and also news channel should only recruit the verified reportes, not like Prakash Singh.I think before airing the sting operation, the tapes should be verified from the forensic lab.

Another best way to increase TRP is to show the program related to sex problem. In this way only one channel India TV is on number one position, because other channels are not showing these types of programs in the late nights. In this program, they are showing some sexologist and physcratist, who will give the answer of questions, asked by the viewers. Many viewers from all over India asked questions related to sexual life or personal life. Today, mostly people in India are not aware about the problem related to sex. The news channels have taken this thing as a key factor to increase the TRP; mostly these programs are not like by the people of India, they treated it like the adult program. For this reason, this type of program telecast in the late night. This is due to lack of sex education system in India. Take an example of sex education in school, no one taking care about how we will teach student about sex, so that they can understand what will be the right/wrong.

For this government should start the program in which they solve the problem of people related to sex/personal life.



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