Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Love Ke Liye Kuch Nahi Karega

This post dedicated to the people who want something special in their life without doing any effort and people who want something special but sometime not (their target is not consistent). Some people around me have these type thinking.

One of the people around me like someone very much, but don’t have guts to say magic words from their heart. We always propel them for doing this, with many ways. But these people never go ahead, I don’t know why? When the queen/king of his heart talking to someone else, at that time personality of this type of people converted into Gullu(Bad Man)/ShashiKala(Wamp). We had given many chances to him/her for doing something, but nothing happen (they unable to take initiative). After that he/she told us, I am not that type of person and I have some ethics in my life (simple living) which I never cross like other people do (Like Hum Mata ke bhakt hai wado ke sakht hai akash se hum aye aur wado ke sakht hai).

Now I am moving towards the second type of people, who don’t know what they need in their life. Its mean sometime they like him/her, in other instance they told us, I am not interested. They already told everybody don’t mingle with him/her. They also convey their message towards him/her with the help of intercessor, but don’t able to convey their words (which comes from heart) directly to the target (Like Chupana bhi nahi ata.. batana bhi nahi ata, humein tumse mohabat hai jatana bhi nahi ata). We always ready to help him/her. But he/she is thinking that we are joking and doing something buggy in their way of love (Pyar ke rastein mein kantein hai).

Now my dear friends don’t take time to tell magic words to your loved one. I learned these lines from Bollywood movies, so before taking action please think twice.



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