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Movie Review - A Wednesday

A Wednesday is one of the best movies in recent times. It is good time for the Indian Cinema (Bollywood) because directors are coming out with their own new stories and fresh ideas that make an impact on the viewer. The examples of these things are Phoonk and Rock ON. A Wednesday movie is not about the train blasts, nor the sequel to ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’ which too was about the blasts that rocked the Mumbai city two years ago. This movie (A Wednesday) also based on the terrorism but its showing the pledge and power of the Common Man (Aam Aadmi).

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A Wednesday has a star cast that includes veteran actors like Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher. The duo last acted in a movie called China Gate way back in the year 1998. Neeraj Pandey gets them together once again in a hard hitting thriller.

A Wednesday’s plotline is very strong and straight forwad. The story of this movie (A Wednesday)does not contain any sweet songs shot at scenic locales in some distant continent, its totally shot in the Mumbai for giving strong impact to the story line of the movie. This movie talks about terrorism from a new angle. In this movie a common man trying to show to the system that if common man reached to the extreme point of frustration due to the terrorism then it can do anything to clear terrorism from system. In this film director have not been used any religious label to point out terrorism in this system. This is the best thing with this film, because terrorism is related to the entire world not related to particular community.

A Wednesday tells the story of certain events that unfold between 2 and 6 P.M. on A Wednesday in Mumbai. Events that do not exist in any record.

It’s a Wednesday when Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher), the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai receives a phone call asking him to release four militants.

The caller (Naseeruddin Shah) threatens him saying if he took his call lightly, he would be responsible for a series of 5 bomb blasts in the city. But if he listens to him, many innocent lives would be saved and the caller would also reveal where he had planted the bombs.

Rathod suspects it to be a crank call, but is forced to change his opinion when his men find a bomb at the police station right in front of the headquarters.The information about this bomb given by the caller to Prakash Rathod to prove him self that don’t take me lightly.

It is then that the Chief Minister orders Rathod to tackle this critical situation. While trying to trace the caller, he meets a reporter from a news channel - Naina Roy, played by Deepal Shaw, who has also been tipped off by the same anonymous caller.

Two of Rathod’s best men, Arif (Jimmy Shergill) and Jai (Aamir Bashir) also chip in to trail the caller.

This short, one and a half hour film, has a tight script which would not divert your attention from the silver screen for a split second. The director even manages to squeeze in a couple of comic scenes too e.g. when one man come to police station to logged F.I.R. against his wife / After giving the interview to the News Channel Jai (Aamir Bashir) asked some dialog to Rathod. Director Neeraj Pandey has filmed some mind-blowing sequences and surely has a creative vision which would help him make a name amongst the top directors of Bollywood pretty soon.

Naseeruddin Shah proves yet again that there is just noone like him. Immensely powerful performance, he conveys so much just through his expressions. Anupam Kher too is fantastic, a treat to see the two legends together on screen. Also do watch Jimmy Shergill in one of his best performances to date.

Overall, A Wednesday is not to be missed. Its got the right combination of everything with reveting performance and a movie that will be with you long after you leave the cinema hall.

Movie: A Wednesday

Cast: Anupam Kher, Aamir Bashir, Deepal Shaw, Gaurav Kapur, Naseeruddin Shah,

Rajpal Yadav, Jimmy Shergill

Cinematographer: Fuwad KhanSound

Designer: Rakesh Ranjan

Producer: Anjum Rizvi, Shital Bhatia

Banner: Anjum Rizvi Film Company

Director: Neeraj Pandey



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