Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Welcome to the world of remake

At present in the bollywood every director/producer are hurry in taking the rights/reels of old hit films like Don(these days very popular due to SRK), Sahib,Biwi Aur Ghulam, Guide, Kurbani and many names are increasing in this list now a days.The name these days are in lime light are :

Don The Chase Begins Again : This is the remake of Big B hit DON, 1978 . In the remake SRK is playing the role of Don(in Old Big B). This film directed by Dil Chata Hai(DCH) directore/son of great Javed Akhtar, Frhan Akhat. The old version when release , at that time Frhan was 4 yr. old. This director gave the 2 good movies to the bollywood 1. DCH(Hit) and 2. Lakshya(Not hit, but the theme is good, but Indian public not want to see reality of the India, they always live in the dream.)

Now, for giving charm to remake of Don, he(Farhan) cast SRK,Priyanka,Karina and Arjun Rampal. But he forgets that no matter what is the cast, the success of movie based upon the script of the movie. As all of us know that he is making the remake of the hit film, so by default the story known by all of us, so what new he will give to us with this movie. According to my aspect he will give us : new action, use of new technology for action scene’s. By the way the songs/Background themes are also old. Lets see what happen when this film release.

Shiva : It was hit film of Ramu Camp. Ramu is very greedy about making films. He does not think that film will be hit/flop. This is the characteristic of good director. Also he always give the chance to new actors(like urmila, Nisha and many more).

This is also the good characteristic of Ramu.

According to Ramu : “It’s the treatment that varies. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, it’s almost unfair not to experiment with a combination of erstwhile ideas and New Age effects .” The old film was based upon the college gangster and remake based upon fight between Police and corruption. This director(Ramu) always out from the race of best director because he make film according to what his mind says not what public want.

The best example of this is the remake of great movie of Indian cinema Sholay.

In this he(Ramu) is taking Big B as Gabbar.

The mind of every people of India is set that Late Amzad Khan was Gabbar, but this director always do experiment(this experiments some time become loss for the Ramu Camp such as Naach,James :D).

Sahib, Biwi Aur Ghulam :

The remake of this movie will produce by the Pritish Nandy.The old version(1962) of

this movie directed/produced by Late Guru Dutt Ji, he was also a great Actor. The story of

old film based upon the platonic relationship:

“A young man named Bhoot Nath is hired as a servant to a very wealthy zamindar. The zamindar is married to a beautiful woman, but every night frequents brothels and dancing ladies. Bhoot Nath finds out that his wife is a very lonely woman, and they both come close, and soon form a platonic relationship. This enables Bhoot Nath to see the life of his mistress through her perspective, and the life she is doomed to live.”
This Film should have been the Oscar nominee for the best foreign film of that year...if the system still existed in India at that time. No other movie, except 'Sholay'comes close to this ever green untouchable.
If Nandy produced the film same as old version without changing the script then no one accept in the today world. For this he is taking the theme and presenting the old wine in new bottle.

The name of remakes not stop here. This is the gold mine for produce/director. But no one will be interested in making off beat (art film) film , which present the reality of today, because it’s a risky decision. Another point is the number of viewers who likes these types of movie are less in comparison to commercial viewers. So, please tell me what are your comments on making remake of old films???????????????????????



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